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Meet Our Team

Ryan Green

Ryan is a 3rd year at UC Davis
majoring in Managerial Economics
and Philosophy. Prior to founding OpportunityKnocks, Ryan worked on policy projects for local governments and schools.
He is a current member of the Davis Economic and Business Student Association.
Ryan was a varsity rower and swimmer in high school and his passion for athletics has continued into college.

Orlando Ornelas

Orlando is a third year at UC Davis
double majoring in Environmental Analysis
& Planning as well as cognitive science.
Orlando is currently on the football team at Davis, and was the only true Freshman in his class.
With Opportunity Knocks, he hopes to create a platform for student-athletes to be able to live without worry of finding their next meal.

Eric Ngo

Eric is software developer and a
current computer science and
engineering major at UC Davis.
He also works as a robotics
instructor at a local community
college. Eric is always ready to
tackle any challenges to help
the team succeed.

Ronvic Cuevas

Ronvic is a software developer
and 3rd year Computer Science
Major at UC Davis. He is part of #IncludeDavis Web Development
Club at UC Davis. He is passionate
about software and sports and
hopes to channel this energy into
helping student athletes succeed.

Regina Reyes

Regina is a software developer and is currently a 4th year computer science major at UC Davis. She also does community work for her Filipinx peers on campus. Regina always takes on what ever challenge she may face and is willing to put in the work to make sure everyone is able to succeed.

Andrew Song

Andrew Song is currently a junior in the class of 2023 in UC Davis as a Computer Science Major. Currently, he work on front end development fixing visual bugs and designing a chat app for the OppKnocks App.His hobbies include League of Legends and Genshin Impact.

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